determine how best to blend the outdoor living space with the interior features and the exterior character of your home and unique features of your  property.  An initial consultation  fee of $150 provides a deposit toward the overall cost of the design package you chose.  ​Before meeting with your designer please fill out a 

Design Concept 

​​​The landscape design concept is a preliminary drawing which illustrates the basic layout of the overall landscape and shows how different features relate to one another in the landscape.  Landscaping materials will be discussed as well as a recommended palette of plant material. Solutions to site related problem areas will be presented.

​​Meet with a landscape designer for a 2 to 3 hour consultation to determine grading, drainage and growing conditions specific to your property.  This will identify any problem areas needing solutions.  

Landscape Design Plans are drafted using Dynascape Design software.  These include a:

  • Site Plan.
  • Hardscape Design with sidewalks, patios, driveway, retaining walls, fences, screens, pergolas, arbors, water features and landscape lighting.  Material takeoffs can also be provided.
  •  Plant Design includes labelled plant materials and  provides a detailed plant list.

The collaborative dialogue between you and the designer will help you create a landscape to live in and one that fits your  lifestyle, complements your home and meets your budget.  The designer will 

Growing the right plant in the right place ensures the landscape is sustainable and reduces the amount of maintenance and watering required.  Depending on the complexity and details required by the landscape design, construction and elevation drawings are available for additional fees. ​  Dynascape Colour Plans and Sketch Up 3D drawings are also available for additional fees.

Initial Consultation & On Site Evaluation 

Landscape Design Plans